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I am currently working as a Research Engineer at the Centre for Development of Telematics, Ministry of Telecommunications, Govt. of India.

My research interests are Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization and Complexity Theory.

Research Work Update

Developed a new algorithm for the hamiltonian cycle problem in planar graphs.

Developed a novel heuristic for cost optimization in multiconstraint supply chains.

Devised and analysed a new policy for the k-server problem on a plane.

Working on a general search tree based on multidimensional relationships between keys.

Working on an augmented breadth first search for the longest path problem.

Investigating the behaviour of electrical circuits and their potential applications in solving hard graph theoretic problems.

Investigating how the distribution of paths changes with the introduction of cycles in a graph.

Working on a new OCR technique based on relative spatial signatures of characters.

Worked on a chaos and compressed sensing based multi-image encryption scheme.

Application Updates

Got admit in Ph.D. CSE (Autumn 2023) in Theory Group at IIT Bombay.Letter

Got admit in Ph.D. CSE (Monsoon 2023) in Theory Group at IIIT Delhi. Letter

Got admit in Ph.D CSE at IIT Guwahati. Letter

Got admit in MS Computer Engineering (Fall 2023) at New York University. Letter

Got admit in MS Data Science (Fall 2023) at Stony Brook University. Letter

Got admit in MS Computer Science (Fall 2023) at Indiana University Bloomington. Letter

Got Offered the position of Data Engineer at Lumiq AI. Letter

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